Hello! I am soooo confused about 3D Graphs

Hello! I am trying to create a 3D graph, but I am getting various problems when I utilize the code provided in this link: 3D Graph Visualization with WebGL and Neo4j

I am new to Neo4J and little more familiar with R than Cypher, but I just did a tutorial with the Movies dataset. I tried using the Neo4R package in R but I am getting errors about the connection refusing. Also, I tried to use Sandbox to create this graph but I am getting errors too on the line of code with the connection to the local host. I am not sure where to begin but if you could help out on this matter to create any 3D graph with some type of data then I would really appreciate it.

Thank you!

What version of Neo4j?
You state you get errors upon connecting. Do you have details of these errors?

Okay. So I just downloaded the Desktop Version of Neo4J 4.2.1 so that I can connect to R.

Error: Failed to connect to localhost port 7474: Connection refused