Hello from Victoria, BC Canada - from Ernie

Hi everyone:
I have been new to neo4j since about June, and by now have climbed a few fences and lost some blood, sweat and tears, but finally have got some "neo-think" circuits in the grey matter, and can begin to appreciate the expressive power of neo4j.

I used to be a family doctor and a computer scientist (out of Waterloo and Toronto), and am now in self-actualization mode, and not reporting to anyone but find it really liberating to pursue questions as they appear....

Spent about six to eight months on Gephi, and yesterday finally understood the intricate steps that need to mesh in order for the java.net connection refused error to not show its face! And to not worry about attributes....

Look forward to participating in this community


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Hello Ernie!

Welcome to the Neo4j community. :) Following questions that lead to more questions is a very graphy way to learn. Let us know how we can help along the way.