Hello from the blistering hot west coast

Hello All,

I am a...well, there is a lot of hats. System admin, Sr. network engineer, devops, security admin, etc ,etc. I work for a small MSP with a ton of customers. I previous job was 17 years at Comcast (was another 3 cable companies before that) as the Sr. IT Tech with a lot of dotted lines to all kinds of departments due to my extra skillsets.

I discovered Neo4j (or graph DBs in general) using BloodhoundAD. After messing around wit hthe cypher query language to discover what I wanted in my results I began experimenting with it with my own stuff. Mostly converted DBs I have of stuff over to it and other sample data just to get familiar. After discovering enough I began to try messing with it programically using Golang, Python and C# (need to settle on a language soon but Golang seems to be my fav so far though I have more years with C#).

One of my side projects to enrich my knowledge of Neo4j is using data from a game I play in which I invite others to use as it is teaching me so much with so weird data. The game is Eve Online. They have an API for people to pull data from and a dump you can get from fuzzworks in many of the RDBMS formats (yeah, it is that big and I use the sqlite dump to pull static data from). You will see me asking questions about stuff related to this a lot. I am having a recursion issue right now that will be posted sometime this month.

Anyway, I do not know if I fell in love with Neo4j or Cypher as the language is what I am really loving. Makes waaayyy more sense in a Graph db that GraphQL. Merge is a godsend.

Looking forward to talking to you folks. :slight_smile:

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Hello @parrishs ,

Welcome to the Neo4j community! Sounds like we have a lot we could learn from you, and we're of course happy to share knowledge about our corner of the data world. :)

Actually, I'd be curious to hear your thoughts about one of the recent areas of development in Neo4j -- Fabric. We have taken the first practical step on a longer path leading to graphs of graphs. Necessarily, it's a bit mechanical at the moment, a way to federate queries across multiple databases. Logically that is graph composition.

This article is a good intro: Fabric Graph Database: Getting Started with Neo4j Fabric

We're happy to have you join us here. Let us know if there's anything we can help with.