Hello from SW Western Australia

Hi Neo community!

I'm Dan, I'm living in the SW corner of Western Australia. I was a C# developer for a little while, then a web developer for a little while longer, then a travelling wanderer for triple all of that combined. Now I'm at the early stages of setting up a computer lab, SW Computer Lab, It's still early days yet (yes Wordpress, I know, it's only temporary :laughing: ), but I've started dismantling unwanted computers and electronic devices to salvage workin parts, I've become somewhat inundated with bits and pieces, so I've begun to build an inventory management system on top of Neo4j. I want to be able to track the lifecycle of a device and all of it's components while it's being stored and utilised at the lab for various creative projects. The front end is being developed with SvelteKit and I'm hoping to come up with some fun and creative ways to display all of this.

Actually my imagination is running wild with possibilities for this system, I've never had hands on experience with graph databases in my previous years as a developer, it's kind of new to me, so I'm sure I'll be asking many questions. I'm picking things up pretty quick though, and I'm really enjoying it so far, I'm sure as with everything in life I'll find myself hitting my head against the wall at some point haha but hopefully in those times I'll be able to find some support here from you guys.

I'm looking forward to being part of the community!

Big thanks to all who've brought Neo4j to where it is today, it's a wonderful tool that I'm excited to learn how to use!

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Hello @DanChristos ,

We're glad to have you join us here in the Neo4j community!

You've reminded me about some early work by colleague Ian Robinson on a Doctor Who dataset, particularly about his inquiries which track the utilization of Dalek parts. The small but fun dataset is here Dr.Who Dalek parts. If you're interested you can still find recordings of Ian (or Jim) talking about that graph.

Your real world parts tracking will be much more involved, but hopefully you'll find that instructive.

We'll all be here happy to help along as you progress.