Hello from Mithun Das, Software Architect, India

Hi guys...
I am Mithun Das, the new fan of Neo4j.... I am a Database and Software Architect working as freelancer for last 10-12 years... my domain included mostly SQL, more recently Document DB and mostly Microservice or Cloud architecture. I knew about Graph DB and as happens to many professional like us that we only get scope to experiment and learn when our project demands... as running for dollars becomes the highest priority.
However right now i am in a great space and came across a project which is a Domain based Social Network, we decided to use Graph database and therefore i started working with it for last 1 month.
I am still learning but what amazed me the most is the flexibility it offers... neo4j literally helps me to present myself as a Wizard to my client where his business motivates my software and not the other way around. I will and I must write my experience as a blog in medium after few days... as it worth it.
I am so impressed that if I could I would have changed all my previous data presentation to Graphdb and the impressive part is with just Intermediate knowledge also I know Migration will be so easy :slight_smile:
Thats where Graph DB rocks.
But more importantly is the support that i am getting from the community... its fast and very very accurate.
I am a Graphian now... and that feels great.


I know exactly what you mean! I still feel the same way after working with neo4j for a few years now.

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Hi sir, nice to meet you.... :slight_smile: