Hello from Kris in Amsterdam

I'm Kris living in a small town near Amsterdam. Started working with neo4j in 2011where I started building a neo4j db with mapreduce. Recently started a new project (I'm a data engineering consultant) where neo4j is used a lot. So decided to join you all in this community.

Hope to learn a few new tricks and see if my ancient knowledge is still relevant.


Welcome Kris!

Most of your knowledge is sure to still be good -- in Cypher land things have gotten a lot easier and more powerful since then. You won't be seeing start clauses in Cypher anymore. Try out neo4jsandbox.com if you want to get back in the groove quickly. :)

Good old times Kris, I still sometimes point people to your and Friso's blog posts.
Glad that you're back in using Neo4j :slight_smile: