Hello, from jesus cantu

We're so happy!
Hello everybody,
I'm jesus cantu from monterrey n.l. mexico,
I studied economy in uanl, but after that I take a scholarship in ibm of mexico, in 1973-1975,
then all my live after that I had worked on information technology, have working in programming in apl, basic, cobol, assembler, fortran, etc.
and on installation of systems, accounting, payroll, pos, crm, etc.
in 1993 to 2004 I worked in economic development secretary in nuevo leon goverment.
after that I had worked in consulting in IT.
but I had tried to learn new technologies, but now is difficult because all change so fast, I'm studing web develoment, html, css, etc. c#, php, js, sap, and I had been consulting and installations in some companies of pos, crm systems made in php, using frameworks like laravel, cakephp, codeigniter, etc.
In this moment I'm training to do a genealogy system and it use laravel with a lot of modules and one of them is neoj, I see it interesting to learn.
Sorry for my english, my natural language is spanish,

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Welcome Jesus,

thanks for your interest in Neo4j and I hope you find all the answers around Neo4j that you need.

There is at least some Spanish material out there for Neo4j if you search for it.

Cheers, Michael

You're doing a great job staying on top of the changes in new technologies because Neo4j is still very new for many people. We are very glad you could join us here.