Hello from Hungary, I'm Andras, developing graph data science software

Hi All,

I'm Andras, mathematician, software engineer, CTO of Lynx Analytics, leading the development of LynxKite.

Graphs seem to surface over and over in my life. My first favorites in secondary school math. Then an obvious area for picking optional courses about during the university years, as the topic lies conveniently in the intersection of my main interests: computers and mathematics. Later, I worked on semantic annotation of web pages based on the knowledge graph at Google. And today I work for Lynx Analytics on creating a platform for doing graph based data science.

I believe that what we are building is a perfect complement to graph databases (and as such, of course, to Neo4j!) if someone builds graph data science workflows. So I'm super excited to join this community, learn about cool graph projects but also about issues and challenges which our open source software may be able to help with. :)