Hello from Greater Toronto Area (Canada)


Fernando here. I'm an industry analyst covering cybersecurity and I am interested in graphs for better representing the ecosystem I cover. Very small scale compared to some of the use cases I see here, but I am attracted by the modelling capabilities of graphs.

Hoping to learn basics without making too much of a fool of myself :slight_smile:


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Welcome, Fernando! Thanks for joining us and being willing to take the steps to learn. We don't believe there are any silly questions, so ask away! :smile: Cybersecurity is a very intriguing and important topic area, and we hope to continue providing as many solutions as we can to problems in this area. Enjoy the site and learning Neo4j!


I want to emphasize how valuable it can be for the community when others ask basic questions. To give you an idea of why,... in the photoshop community, one of the most read questions (which means people have the question, but don't need to ask) is how to upload a picture into photoshop. :smile:

How is the project coming along?