Hello from Babacar

Hello everyone. My name is Babacar Cisse DIA from Senegal, Dakar in Africa.
I start learning neo4j a month ago because I needed more than RDBMS could give me for strongly connected data in a recommendation system I was building.

I am a software engineer/web developer with 4 years experience which includes

I have a real interest in science and true passion to robotics too. I found myself loving neo4j too because of its numerous possibilities and it seems like it is just the beginning. I hope we will have great time sharing and talking in the community as graphistas! :blush:

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Hi Babacar!
How is the progress coming along? :slight_smile:

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Hi Karin
I was actually thinking about sending you an email about bringing neo4j to Senegal :senegal:

About my progress with neo4j I subscribed to your YouTube channel and watched about a hundred of use case videos and webinars.
I am working at CTS - Cosmopolitan Travel Service and here we have an application called Hero: a travel agency management system.
From my hours of watching and learning I've come to write a paper for my graduate degree about how to use NLP with probabilistic knowledge graph to build a flight booking bot.
That's only one of the 3 projects that I got in mind for now. I'll consider documenting my journey and let you know :v:t5:

ooooo!!!! Whoaaaa! Thats impressive. haha.
So, if you are writing your paper and want to write a summarized technical blog post about it, we can publish it on our medium blog. :heart:
And yes - you can email me anytime when you're ready to discuss.

Alright then :wink: I'll let you when I am done. It should be fun. Then we'll discuss more about me being a neo4j ambassador here in Senegal. :v:t5:

How is the project coming along? Ready to show it off yet???? :stuck_out_tongue:
You should submit and show it off at the NODES conference!!!!

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Hello Mother of Nodes, :wink:

I am making some good progress with the project, pieces are coming together but I am not yet satisfied by the results. So far I've done an overview about the topic and the state of the art from machine learning to NLP. Now I am on the fun part: coding! I have to pick between semi automatic (tensorflow) and manual from scratch with python.

I am glad to see things moving on Neo4j. I would love to join the conference as speaker but I am still not so sure that it would be of some interest for everybody :thinking:

I told you I would document my journey. Here's my document outline so far:

Tell me what you think :v:

Overview looks great ... !!! Would love to know and learn more about this.

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Well, that's a work in progress. Feel free to let me know if there is something you would like to underline or contribute