Hello All from Senthil

Hello All,
I am Senthil from India and recently started exploring about Neo4J. Hope I will get some support in learning this new data base. I have the below questions for clarification.

  1. How do we model our Nodes and Relations because in RDBMS, we can normalise using our tables and joins. How do we justify our data modelling is industry standard for better performance
  2. Can we store files/Images/Videos or only text?
  3. What is the SLA response time for a complex query that converts to JSON
  4. Is there a way to validate the data while inserting to graph
  5. While we are seeing the results in graph mode, can we see the results in grid format?
  6. Can we grant and deny access?
  7. Do we have Cascade delete.. for example, when I delete a node, its related child nodes need to be deleted.. can we achieve it?
  8. Does Neo4J supports unicode characters?
  9. Please talk about Data Security - Data at store and Data at transit
  10. How many concurrent request can it handle?
  11. With what language is neo4J built?