Hello! Alex here, exploring neo4j and graphs altogether

Hello community, I have recently started working with Neo4j and want to delve deeper with learning and experimenting in order to provide value using Neo4j. I find it very interesting and have been trying to read a lot of the documentation while tinkering with the data that I have in hand. It is quite a steep learning curve if you haven't used any other type of graph databases and changes how you think about data. I hope we can work together to solve any problems that lie ahead! :)

One thing to be aware of which you might not be if you don't have SQL experience, is SQL and Cypher are declarative languages, where almost all other languages (python, c, etc.) are procedural languages. I.e. step by step.

(under the covers, the declarative nature of SQL does get convert into procedures because that's how computers work.)

It takes some getting used to.

Hi @alexios.plomaritis , a very good start to understand the various use-cases would be from