Hardware sizing for Graph Database

Need the CPU/Core/DB size required against the below input snapshot. thanks

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I see that you have put 300 properties per node. That seems to be excessive. Is this correct?

Yes, we have huge site inventory. Current Oracle DB size exceeds 2TB.
300 Properties per node is the correct number.


If so it looks like you might be mapping the each row to a node. That would not be a good idea. In RDBMS world we tend to denormalize things to make it work faster (avoid joins). You may have to take a look at the graph model.

The CPU/Core/memory requirements depend upon what the model is and how you are querying graph. If you try to store the way you have mentioned I am afraid the performance might not be what you are expecting. We can estimate the db size, but that won't help much.

In my experience a node did not have more than 10 properties. That does not mean, there cannot be any exceptions. It may make sense to take a step back and take a look at the graph model first before looking to sizing. May be you can load some sample data set and extrapolate the size from that.

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