Hank from Los Angeles

Hi. Looking to push logger / logstash / GELF events to a graph database with an enterprise or application model of clusters, instances, services, etc.

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Hi Hank!
We just had a meetup a day or two ago in LA at Ticketmaster office. Did you go? Maybe you met @David_Neo4j ?

I missed it... Next time.

@david.vessie can you let him know next time you're hosting an event in LA? :)

Hi Hank,

We have a meetup in Westlake Village, Tuesday, June 11th.

Next week we have training in Downtown LA, see links in my signature.

Where are you located? Where do you work? And what your domain focus for work and what you'd like to learn? With that context, I can be more help.



David Vessie | Neo4j | Socal, NV, AZ
LinkedIn: davidvessie
Schedule a meeting with me: [Calendly - David Vessie]
Introduction to Neo4j- 6/4- Los Angeles
Reveal Predictive Patterns with Neo4j Graph Algorithms- 6/5- Los Angeles

Well, that was fast!
Thank you, David! :smile: