Halin 0.6.0 Available

Just finished up the release of Halin 0.6.0 which is available now. Give it a try for Neo4j monitoring, and let us know what you think!

The main thing that's new since the last release is support for diagnostic generation and user management for all of our Neo4j Community users. In previous versions, these functions were limited to Neo4j Enterprise. Now, if you're using Halin with Neo4j Community almost all of it works just as it does with Enterprise. There are still some features in Halin which have to be disabled because they aren't provided for in Community (role management is one example) -- but the majority works great!

You can run Halin directly here: https://halin.graphapp.io -- just put in the username, password, and host for where you run Neo4j (you can also use "localhost" if you're running Neo4j locally in Desktop, for example) -- and you're off.

And as always, the source code is on GitHub here: GitHub - moxious/halin: Neo4j monitoring tool