Gremlin to cypher query

we have lots of queries written in gremlin and want to convert it to cypher . any tools or lib available in java to do the same ?

Hmm there is a project here that did gremlin to cpyher over the wire, it wasn't very fast as it relied on a lot of roundtrips.

Thanks .
looking for java lib or tool which can take gremlin query( only read not mutations) as input and convert it to Cypher query .

Did you look at the repo, I think they do that. You might need to put in some extra work to have the cypher queries output not executed.

Thank you . will check and get back to you
unable to download source code
unable to open src directory

have tried and enabled log to check cypher
List list = g.V().has("createdDate", "2021-06-26T06:38:44.161Z").toList();
equivalent cypher
Executing Cypher statement on transaction [1668910247]: MATCH (n) RETURN n
not sure where it is adding where condition to cypher

Apologies Michael ..Haven’t explained the problem statement in detail

Actually our system is using a graph database( not neo4j )and it's live .

It is a big monolithic system and wanted to replace the existing graph server to neo4j .Have migrated all create,update and delete api using neo4j ogm with very little modifications in the existing system.

However, we have used gremlin for read/query and approximately 8000 gremlin traversal queries(read intensive system) and impossible to translate each and every query to cypher .
It will lead to a very big change in the system and testing etc and management would stop us moving to neo4j.

Hence we are looking for a gremlin to cypher translator which is something similar to open cypher library( which converts cypher to gremlin.
Input is cypher query string and output is gremlin.

Similarly if we have any such library for taking gremlin query string as input and converting it to cypher query string so that we can seamlessly migrate our system.
We have tried a gremlin bolt driver [it relied on a lot of roundtrips.] but it didn't work as expected and it is not taking gremlin query as string and also big queries are not working .

Could you please provide insights/thought process

Unfortunately I don't know of any such library, probably would have to write your own or engage the folks that created the cypher2gremlin translator (I can connect you if you want).

The other option is to use the gremlin plugin that I did a while ago (probably needs to be updated) and migrate gradually.

thanks michael.
it would be really great if you help to connect to the folks that created the cypher2gremlin translator .