Greetings from Tunjang Jaya Graftek Malaysia - HR People Analytics development


Im a one man company looking to develop a HR People Analytics application. Its a small startup and working with a few partners who are doing HR profiling. They want to integrate neo4j into their workflow and extend their current services. I am open to assistance for developers who are interested and willing to share ideas (and pay for services) if this is a success.

Hello Vignes!
Nice to have you here :) What do you mean by HR profiling?

Sounds interesting
If you need any help please let me know

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HI Oleg,

I am trying to integrate HR career pathways with output from a profiling technique called Momentum Assessment (

The basic idea is that each individual has strengths that can be modelled and linked to various skill/caharacteristics required for a role in an org.

MA produces a set af characteristics that can be matched against the roles.