GraphXR error: "The Neo4j DB is inactive."

Hi to everyone!

GraphXR throws the error: "The Neo4j Desktop DB is inactive" in neo4j desktop v. 4.0.4. The DB is active though. I tried creating graphs of earlier versions (i.e. 3.x.x), still doesn't work.

Any idea how it can be resolved? In case there's a lack of compatibility, do you have any suggestions about another visualization plugin?


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I have the same problem.


I sent graphXR an email back then. Their reply was that they don't support neo4j db version 4.x.x yet. I guess they still don't support it. Working with versions 3.5.x was fine though.

Yes, I know that they do not support 4.x ( so I downgraded to the lowest possible version 3.4.16 (also tried on 3.5.x), but I still get the same error message.
Maybe I do something wrong. For example, I was never asked by graphXR app for a password to the DB.
On the other hand, Neo4jBrowser doesn't ask for a password either.