GraphSage didConverge, ranEpochs is Null

Hello I have recently started trying Graphsage.

I ran the example on the manual:

I got the following results after running:
CALL gds.beta.graphSage.train(
modelName: 'exampleTrainModel',
featureProperties: ['age', 'heightAndWeight'],
aggregator: 'mean',
activationFunction: 'sigmoid',
sampleSizes: [25, 10]
) YIELD modelInfo as info
RETURN as modelName,
info.metrics.didConverge as didConverge,
info.metrics.ranEpochs as ranEpochs,
info.metrics.epochLosses as epochLosses


I am currently using Neo4J desktop with Neo4j 4.2.5

Would appreciate any help on this.

Try dropping the YIELD statement - that will return all the fields, with the correct field names (the NULLs mean those field names likely weren't returned in modelInfo)

Thank you for the help!