Graphlytic not working when disconnect my latop from internet


I am testing various applications to visualize a graph and we started with "Graphlytic". One of the most important requirements is that the application has to be completely secure, in the sense that it cannot send any information abroad. To validate this I have installed the Neo4j Desktop on my latop and
a) I have raised a BD Neo4j locally
b) I have opened the application "Graphlytic"
c) finally, I have disconnected the network from my latop
At that time the "Graphlytic" has stopped working and has started to show me the message "Server communication error". The questions are:
a) Why is this error generated?
b) can the "Graphlytic" work on a machine isolated from the Internet?
In advance, I ask you to excuse me for my bad English and thank you for your collaboration.

Juan Carlos PĂ©rez C

Graphlytic Desktop is running locally on your machine and does not require any internet connection. It's not even downloading any CSS or JS files from CDNs, everything is packaged in the local app. We are using it in highly secure closed networks with no problems.
The issue you see has to be connected to something else. I've confirmed just now that everything worked even without any network connection on my machine. The only thing that I can think of that may cause this issue is that you tried to connect to a remote Neo4j instance and then killed the connection, which should result in the error message you've seen.