GraphAcademy - Intro to Graph Algorithms in Neo4j 4.x : Can´t download Certified

Hi everybody !! I've completed the course Intro to Graph Algorithms in Neo4j 4.x, but can´t download the certified because the green circle that indicates that one topic were completed disipears and every answer in the "Check your understanding" shows it unanswered.
No matter how many times I´ve answer the tests , the green circle disipears , there´s anybody with the same beaheavior ?

Hello @ponceortiz,

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We recently updated that course in GraphAcademy which is why you are seeing that behavior. We are working on correcting the problem. Will keep you posted.


This should now be fixed in our GraphAcademy site. Let us know if you cannot complete the course and receive a certificate of completion.


Hi Elaine , I did download the certificate of completion with success, the fix works !!