GraphAcademy - Intro to Graph Algorithms in Neo4j 4.0: mistake in graphic?

Under the section describing Louvain Modularity ( there is a graphic explaining how communities are generated in the algorithm:

Should the weight on the blue community's relationship to itself be 12, not 14? I can understand all the other weights, but this one looks wrong (or I've misunderstood the process).

It does look like it should be 12, now I'm curious if we are both missing something here, or you found a typo... :slight_smile:

Definitely a typo in the course materials. The top-right weight for the blue nodes should be 12, not 14 and the the bottom-right weight for the blue node should be 24 instead of 26.

Thank you for pointing this out. We will correct the content.


Thanks Elaine, the course material was otherwise excellent and I really enjoyed completing it!