Graph with Time-Dimension and Dynamic labels

Hi guys,

I am in desperate need of some help. I am trying to add data from a JSON file to model it as a graph. The difficulty I am having is that I have many dynamic labels for properties on nodes, I also need to create relationships depending on whether a particular label is present or not. My code currently looks like this:

call apoc.load.json('file') Yield value as pages
FOREACH (page in pages|
	create (n:Article {title: page.title, in_categories: page.in_categories, created_by: '$self'})
    foreach (attr in page.attributes|
    	k = attr.attrName
        v = []
        foreach(val in attr.attrValues|
        	v = v+val.value
            when val.type is 'link' then merge (m: Article {title: val.value})
            on create set m.created_by = page.title
            foreach (interval in val.timestamps|
            	call apoc.create.relationship(n, k, {start_time:datetime(interval[0]), end_time: datetime(interval[1])}, m))
        call apoc.create.setProperty(n, k, v)))
	foreach(obj in page.content|
    	l = obj.value
        merge (m: Article {title: l})
        on create set m.created_by = page.title
        foreach (interval in obj.timestamps|
            	call apoc.create.relationship(n, "TEXT_LINK", {start_time:datetime(interval[0]), end_time: datetime(interval[1])}, m))

But this does not work. Would anybody have any ideas to help me get this working? It would be much appreciated!

If you are wondering a single page object in the JSON file is structured as follows:

'title': atomic
'in_categories': set of atomic
   [{attrName: atomic,   
     attrValues: [
        {value: atomic, 
         type: "atomic"|"link", 
         timestamps: [[ts1, ts2], [ts3, ts4]]
        }, {...}]
   [{value: atomic,
     type: link
     context_bfr: text
     context_aftr: text
     timestamps: [[ts1, ts2], [ts3, ts4], ...]}, {...}]