Graph Export from Neo4j Browser

Hello Community, let's say I have a graph that I want to export out from the neo4j browser. The basic export options available to me are PNG and SVG. But the problem is that they are all static format and will generate an image of the graph.
Rather I wanted to export the graph where I can move the nodes around (much like we can do in the browser itself). Is this possible?

For example, consider this graph

I am learning Neo4j and have used Bloom app a little bit in the Desktop version. The app is available in the 1.2.8 version and may be what you are looking for. Visualization tool like D3 may also have a clickable way to explore the graph further. I haven't used it but D3 (think v5) has this capability. Also, check if yFiles (another app in desktop, Graph Apps Gallery) provides a solution for you. I am slowly exploring the apps so not well acquainted yet. Please share if this is helpful and how you implement a solution to your use case.