Graph dominance/node reachability

I'm new to Neo4j, but I do have some experience of the CORBA Object Relationship model. One of the obvious graph capabilities that one wants in a graph database are querying for graph dominance and node reachability. I'd expected to find these in Neo4j, but I cannot. Have I missed something?

Node reachability can be achieved with appropriate query.

Thanks, Sameer

Can you add a bit of detail?

Obviously, it's possible to recursively traverse connections, but this is error prone, slow and cumbersome. I was looking for something like a dominance operator for a node and subgraphs, or, reachability of node A from node B on subgraph X.

Most of the graph navigation systems that I've seen concentrate on nodes and arcs, rather than any graph concepts.

Hi Coote
If it's your wish to invoke the procedure recurringly to get some important information then it is better to convert it to procedure with input params. You can install it as a custom procedure on server and invoke it with parameters as Nodes and integer as depth of the graph.Yes you will have to craft the procedure carefully as per your requirements