Graph databases

Can anyone please clarify my doubt regarding the databases that are created in the neo4j desktop. Within one project we can create a multiple number of databases and again inside a database on running the command :dbs we can see neo4j and system database. And we can also create multiple databases there by writing the command "create database database-name". So what is the difference in the creation of database in initial step and later step and purpose of having this database heirarchy.

Think of initial setup as a fruit basket and later steps you are adding different fruits to the basket.

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I have one question in this context.
We can use only those databases in "Neo4j Fabric" which we get by the Cypher command ":dbs" (in your word fruits).
By using "Neo4j Fabric" how to use different databases created in the initial setup (databases from neo4j database)?

Follow this link:

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