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as sales person I was always wondering how to display all the fine relationship that exists or develop over time when you deal with customers. Who know whom, who buys what, what lead came from where aso aso aso - lots of data. A RMDB was very easy for start but gets lost after a while as the joints became to complicated. So I built a first approach for a Graph DB as a CRM which is quite clumsy and from a coder's perspective a horrible piece of lines. But it worked and I use it now every day with more and more fun - and of course it develops and gets more and more functions. As its very useful I was wondering if there is interest maybe to check the idea, discuss it and try a better approach and develop a CRM which reflects the complicated relations of a sales person or organization.

It needs to bind

  • company data
  • personal data
  • media storage / document filesystem
  • transactions, quotes, orders, delivey tracks
  • should hold all deal details
  • partner companies with their products
  • having features like eMailing, Templates, Dashboards with statistics etc.

The current setup is using Neo4J 3.2.7 and is based on PHP - but that is not a dogma, especially as the code seems not to be usable for a real good approach (too unstructured and redundant). It might be better to use it as an example or vision and start from scratch.
I am happy to share more insights and ideas here if the topic gets some fans :slight_smile:
Target could be an open source version which can be used for example for smaller companies or people who dislike the idea of giving their data into the cloud e.g. to salesforce or delike.

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Ops sorry posted in german: What I wrote is that I am willed to put the existing code into GIT for all and would setup an AWS server with an basic installation so that everybody could get his own impression about the idea and the current status. Quick reply here is enough - I'll start my chores then.

Bei Interesse werde ich gern den vorhandenen Code mal ins Git hochladen für einen Blick drauf, vor allem werde ich aber bei AWS mal einen Testserver installieren, wo der Code drauf läuft, damit sich jeder gern mal einen eigenen Eindruck von der Idee verschaffen kann.

Kurzes Feedback hier genügt - dann mache ich meine Hausaufgaben :slight_smile:

Grüße von

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Hi Marcus,

I am interested in knowing more about your idea. Please let me know once you post your code and setup your AWS.

Ketan Benegal

Hi Marcus,
Did you put this on git and AWS in the end? I would also be interested in knowing more about your approach.
Many thanks!

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HI Marcus, I am very interested to know if you have posted your work on either GIT or on AWS?

The process of selling, particularly today with the massive level of information available on the web for a buyer to first analysis potential solutions to their challenges makes a graph database the best underlying technology for a sales person to understand the client