Graph Creation

Something went wrong with my Neo4j desktop version and I reinstalled it. However, when I am trying to create a graph, I am getting the following error:

Database failed to create: Error: Could not change password

Can someone help me rectify this problem

I tried downloading the software on another machine and it works on that (however I do have problems working graph algorithm app and Neo4J browser by copying the codes and using it in Neo4J browser).

I did try and uninstall the software from my machine and re-install it but some user files remain. Is there any way I can clear all the user files related to Neo4J before wiping of my system and then reinstalling it?

What OS are you on?

Usually you can delete the desktop app and then delete the files from these locations

Dear Michael,

I am using Windows 10. I have installed multiple copies of neo4j desktop version and there is a lot of cross-over. Being without a technical background, I am hardly able to follow the instructions. Besides, working on a university system does not help as well.

Not sure why you would need to install multiple copies of desktop, I've only used one always and never hand an issue.

your certainly right.. One can have single version of Neo4j Desktop and start experimenting.
@tiwari.milind, is there any reason why you are using multiple versions of Neo4j on one Desktop.

I had done some analysis in the previous version and therefore I continue to use multiple versions...

@tiwari.milind it is best practice to maintain one version per machine.

I shall maintain one version from now on. Thanks for letting me know.