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I am PhD student using Neo4J to analyze my dataset on shell companies identified in money laundering schemes. I have imported my data of over 200 companies with information on those companies on the Neo4J platform. I am keen on developing a graph application. However, I am unable to understand the information provided on the the matter.

If anyone could explain how can I develop an application on Neo4J that would be really great (I do not have a computer science background).


I know what you mean. As a professional database engineer--I am not a developer--learning how to create/build a graph application on the Neo4j platform can be challenging. With that said, you could build one if you locate online training to teach how it is done.

I took an online course, "Learn to build apps using Neo4j" at It was well worth it--of course, it's a beginner's course and by no means you will become a professional developer on that course. But , I know enough to build a graph application using the information taught in that course.

I hope Neo4j Academy will create online training for using the Developer's App--no clue how that works--and another course to build Neo4j Graph Apps. Neo4j sorely lacks education for non-developer types!!

Good luck!

Dear Alfonso,

Thanks a lot for the guidance. I shall use the course on Udemy to learn about building apps on Neo4J. I totally agree with you that Neo4J Academy creates some sort of online training for using the Developer's App. At the moment, I cannot even start it.

Being a non-developer it has been really tough getting my head around things.

Thanks once again.



You will not regret it--it was a good course. Once you get your simple app up and running--then you can add in the more features later. Mine is just plain--but functional.

If you do sign up for the course, refer to my link:


Dear Alfonso,

I have subscribed to the course. I hope it helps me out. Will let you know once I am done going through it.

Thanks once again.