Graph App 'Neo4j Browser' can't be opened

After upgrading Neo4j Browser to 1.3.4, I'm getting this message when I try to open either a local or remote databases:

Graph App 'Neo4j Browser' can't be opened. See logs for more info. Re-installing the app might resolve the issue.

I've tried to reinstall the Neo4j Browser, but the error message remains.

Starting Neo4j.
2020-09-08 08:15:19.762+0000 INFO Starting...
2020-09-08 08:15:32.713+0000 INFO ======== Neo4j 4.1.0 ========
2020-09-08 08:15:59.754+0000 INFO Called db.clearQueryCaches(): Query cache already empty.
2020-09-08 08:16:20.256+0000 INFO Sending metrics to CSV file at /Users/peter/Library/Application Support/Neo4j Desktop/Application/neo4jDatabases/database-328d8379-6ab4-4cc1-a397-2de37909d2e4/installation-4.1.0/metrics
2020-09-08 08:16:20.412+0000 INFO Bolt enabled on localhost:7687.
2020-09-08 08:16:25.011+0000 INFO Remote interface available at http://localhost:7474/
2020-09-08 08:16:25.013+0000 INFO Started.