Graph algorithms in Neo4j 4.x community version

I am using ubuntu 18.04 and installed neo4j community version 4.0.1. I am trying to enable graph algorithms using neo4j-graph-algorithms- as specified in link.

The edits I have made to the config file are as follows:,algo.,algo.

I am not able to restart neo4j service if I add algo.* to the whitelist section of the configuration file. If I comment out algo.* in the whitelist section, I am able to start neo4j; however graph algorithms aren't loaded.

Has anyone else faced the same issue, please help.

We do not have a 4.0 compatible version of graph algorithms, so it they will not load in your Neo4j instance.

We're in the process of deprecating the graph algorithms library in favor of the graph data science library, so all new feature work and bug fixes will occur in that library. We are planning on releasing a 4.0 compatible version in April.