Graph Academy - Importing CSV - Create the Genre Nodes - don't get the expected result

Course 'Importing CSV data into neo4j' - Section 'Refactoring Imported Data' - challenge 'Create the Genre nodes'.
What I should get after running this in the sandbox:

Should create 17 Genre nodes and 212 IN_GENRE relationships. But what I get is this:

I went back through the course re-importing the CSV data and following all the modification steps and all works until this step. Any ideas? on how to troubleshoot?

Not really, but you try to see what is happening on the data side. Remove the last two lines and replace the with clause with a return clause and change m to m.title. Execute the query to determine if the number of distinct genders is 17 and the total rows is 212. Maybe this will give some insight to the problem.

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Thank you @glilienfield that's great advice. I will use the sandbox with this GraphAcademy module to play with the data. I'm at the very beginning of the Graph learning curve! - would be nice to have a copy of the code used for the final database check for that module so I can see exactly where the discrepancy lies. But that might be too much like cheating :smile:

I'll post the answer when I find it.

Hello @david_winter ,

Based upon what you are describing, you have more nodes/relationships in the graph than you are supposed to. Did you create the uniqueness constraint on the name property of the Genre node?


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Hi @elaine_rosenber

I managed to pass the course this morning after having back tracked a number of times from a re-import. I believe the trouble was due to not having completed one of the steps properly (Transforming Strings to Lists) but I'm not sure!

One disturbing aspect of this particular snag in my Neo4j learning is that faced with 'something not working' I was unable to do even basic troubleshooting in the form of simply navigating the graph and the great comment from @glilienfield and yourself have been a real wake up call to this. The courses themselves are first class as a reference of examples in forming the Cypher commands. But it seems clear to me that I need to build on what I've learned from these first four courses and get much real-world practice on the syntax of Cypher and structures in the Graph world.

I'm really glad I passed these first four modules but honestly feel that I don't quite deserve it :) There is a huge amount of information though, in the various help facilities in the neo4j website, and this together with the transcripts of the four modules I've completed will I'm sure put a gradual end to my newbie confusion.

Thanks again for your input, and for putting together this excellent course material. I'm very glad that I've found Neo4j !!


That’s great you got through. I encourage you to keep going. I didn’t know much when I started and it all looked complicated and overwhelming. My best suggestion is keep taking more lessons, but you need to actually try to figure things out yourself. I learned a great deal by trying to solve the many problems people posted here, because they are usually more complex and require more depth of the language. I guarantee it will just click one day and it will seem easier than you made it.

I find the reference card very helpful for finding syntax quickly, as well as seeing a high level overview of the language.

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Thank you both @david_winter and @glilienfield for learning and helping here in our Community!


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