starter not working with local graph


I'm following the grandstack-starter. I was able to successfully connect with a sandbox database like they do in the example, but when I try to connect with a local graph database with neo4j browser I get following error:
Client network socket disconnected before secure TLS connection was established

I am able to locally connect with: http://localhost:7474/browser/

Steps I performed after installing neo4j browser:

  1. create a new local graph
  2. give the graph a name and password (letmein)
  3. change the .env according to the details panel in neo4j browser
  4. restart the server and try out a query -> error occurs

I downloaded the starter 2 days ago, and haven't changed any code except the .env file.
Version 4.0.3 Enterprise

Any ideas?

So problem is with https:
https://localhost:7474 did'nt work correct? Which HTTP error return when you try it?

connectors: Configure connectors - Operations Manual
ssl framework: SSL framework - Operations Manual