Google Cloud Instance License


I am trying to set up neo4j enterprise in gcp using the marketplace. There is no provision to register existing license key and the front end browser launches without any registration so I am assuming it is a trial. Also, once the VM instances are stopped and restarted it is unable to connect to the neo4j browser. Help please. Thanks in advance.

Please refer to this other post where @andrew.bowman explains that there's isn't a software check for a license file but it's a business issue to ensure that they have a proper license. Where does Enterprise license go in AWS instance? - #2 by andrew.bowman

Common practice and I hope they don't change from this. I know when I was using Oracle, there's not a license file but Oracle would periodically come and do an audit of our systems to ensure we were within in our licensing agreements.

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Thanks a lot mike, much appreciated.

While 's answer above is correct - I wanted to add that there is a registration link available for Google Cloud instances of Neo4j Enterprise, it's right here:

Just filling this out grants you access for trial usage of Enterprise. It does not however yield a license key that needs to be entered.