[Global GraphHack] Graph Algorithm Visualization Tool

Our idea is to visualize the process of how community detection algorithm capture the graph structure and compare the performance of different type of community detection algorithm.

With our visualizaton tool, you can upload your own csv files to define a graph structure. By clicking the submit button, you can see the each-step results of Girvan-Newman algorithm and modularity variation. Furthermore, the final results of other kinds of community detection algorithm such as Louvain are also illustrated below.

In the future we will extend our visualization tool to include more types of graph algorithms such as PageRank and add some functionality to interact with Neo4j in a better way.

If you are interested our project you can try it out:

  1. GitHub - sqhtech/GraphHack2019
  2. https://devpost.com/software/graph-algorithm-visualization-tool

Any suggestions about our project are welcomed and valuable for us!

Happy coding!

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My thinking on this is that we can visualize the data in graph in terms of patterns like
1.Hub and Spoke pattern
2.Data Lake Pattern
3.Data Hub Pattern
4.Highly Connected Node in Sub graph
5.Network Topology Graph
6.Geographical Representations Map

And there could still be more patterns that subject matter experts
can come up with.