[Global GraphHack] Baryon - react component to visualize neo4j graph as a Media

Hi I'm Satoshi @euonymus from Japan.
I wanted to visualize Neo4j graph as a Media. I still have a lot of ideas to improve Baryon more, so please enjoy trying this.

Baryon is a react component to compose organized UI View for your Neo4j graph that allows you to inspect simply and intuitively. This enables users to explore further relations from one node to another.

What it does

  • Baryon provides you a simple ui to inspect neo4j graph data
  • Subject node appears in the main area
  • Relationships appear in a list
  • Each relationship is expressed in sentence powered by RDF triple
  • Each node or relationship can have start-date and end-date
  • Relationships are sorted by start-date of relationships, then start-date of nodes
  • Secondary relationships on each connected node is listed below the node
  • Secondary relationship list can be configured to be On / Off
  • Each node-label has their node-label-properties(*1)
  • Relations are categorized depending on relationship-types
    • Each node-label-property is a collection of relationship-types
    • ex: Both BROTHER_OF and SISTER_OF go into sibling node-label-property
  • URL path to Baryon ui on your app can be configured

(*1): node-label-properties are not the properties in neo4j terms. node-label-properties are semantic types belong to labels, for instance Person has Parents, Children and so on.


Developed by @euonymus

Thank you

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