Getting "TlsException: Handshake failed" error when trying to access Aura from Android device

I'm trying to prototype a Q&A system in my game like world environment using Aura,
so I need to access Aura from the project which is built on top of Unity(game engine - c#).
I setup Neo4j Driver( .Net) in the project and ran some cypher query.
It worked fine with my cypher queries in Unity Editor on my Mac,
but if I build the project for Android and run it on a Android device,
I'm getting the "TlsException: Handshake failed" error when "var tx = await session.BeginTransactionAsync();" is executed.

Please let me know any ideas/suggestions that I can try to resolve the issue.
Thank you.

Probably an issue with the keystore.

Not sure how the CA keystore is handled on Android.

What happens if you try to open just an https connection via WebRequest from c# e.g. to a Aura hosted neo4j browser?

Thank you for your reply.
As you asked I setup a WebRequest in my project using my neo4j Aura browser url.
It reads the page successfully both in the Editor on my Mac and Android device.

FYI. I printed the read text from WebRequest and it was started:


Neo4j Browser * { padding: 0; margin: 0; } ....

it seemed WebRequest is actually accessing the server without "TLS handshake failed" error.
if so, could you guess what would cause my original issue and what i might try next.
Thank you

It happens not only in Android build but also in the newer version of Unity editor (works fine only in Unity2019 editor on Mac)
Now I'm wondering whether this is Neo4j issue or Unity issue.

Below is the beginning of the exception message :

Is there any way to use Aura using WebRequest?

Unfortunately not.

It seems like a real bug / issue. Can you please create a support ticket in the Aura support system?
And mention that you already asked in the community and were sent there by me.

I created a support ticket for the issue.
Thank you.

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