Getting started - licensing question for collaboration work

Hi all.
We're a two-person startup, seeking a graph db solution.
At first, we'd like to start exploring neo4j with Bloom for prototyping our schemas.

Reading the installation doc, the community license option and the Startups Program offering, I'm still not sure how to proceed in order to start exploring without first purchasing any licenses.

We would like to be able to both use Bloom against experimental graph db schemas we'll create, each from his own location.

A typical web deployment model comes to mind, but I'm not sure I understand we have such an option without buying licenses (either Aura or Enterprise).

Perhaps we can use the Community license or join the Startups Program, and install neo4j db + Bloom on our own web server?

Two separate Desktop installations might also be an option, but I'm not sure there's a convenient way for us to exchange db data to be in sync (e.g. by export/import).

Can you please advise what are our best options?


With a two-person startup you fit perfectly into the startup program, Startup Graph Database | Neo4j Graph Database Platform for Startups Signup process is pretty straight forward.

If you depend on Bloom, you cannot use community edition, since Bloom depends on Enterprise edition.

Bloom support is not yet available for Aura, but that is about to change. Cannot provide a date for this yet.


Hi Stefan, thank you for your reply.

If Bloom cannot be used as a prototyping tool, than we do not depend on Bloom anymore - need to use an alternative tool anyway.

If we join the Startups Program, will we be able to use the noe4j DB and Bloom in a web setting, that is, not locally installed on our Desktops, and we both share access to the data over the Internet using a Browser? and if we use Community Edition (without Bloom), will that be possible for the DB?


Don't remember 100% but I think server side Bloom was part of the the Startup Program. The database itself (both CE & EE) can always be used over the network.

Hi Mor
Thanks to present such kind of question. I am now in a same situation as you. Can you guide me finally which product you selected. I wanna to use Neo4j to make a customized prototype DB for my NLP and ML objectives. I am also in a startups but I mainly working on this project.

Thanks to guide me

Hi Sara.
I'm still confused as to my options with Neo4j.
We've not yet made the final decisions, but from all the info we're learning to-date, we tend to go with AWS as the platform for our startup, assuming their Neptune Graph DB will continue to evolve and bridge over the features & functions benefits Neo4j currently enjoys.