Getting an error "Mismatching store id"


When I tried restore DB. I am getting the below error
Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: Mismatching store id. Store StoreId: StoreId{creationTime=1580278439668, randomId=2337668637437365511, storeVersion=3471765337752883975, upgradeTime=1580278439668, upgradeTxId=1}. Transaction log StoreId: StoreId{creationTime=1581068737242, randomId=4179223004558856371, storeVersion=3471765337752883975, upgradeTime=1581068737242, upgradeTxId=1}

  • at org.neo4j.kernel.recovery.Recovery.validateStoreId(*

Could you please help me with this.

Hi @selvanew2008, maybe here you find solutions for your problems: Backup/Restore

Or if not please put your Neo4J verison,
Are you making any changes to files under data/ by directly moving/copying/editing said files?

Hi @maciej.krzywdaa, I am using Neo4j version 4.0.0

I have not making any changes to the file. I have copied the whole neo4j folder from my local system (Windows) to the server (linux).

Hi, we don't recommend file copying for this, please either use neo4j-admin backup/restore or neo4j-admin dump/load for this.

If you're attempting to seed and start up a cluster, make sure you've run neo4j-admin unbind on all nodes first, as previous (and now-invalid) cluster state may be a cause of this error.

@selvanew2008 Is the data directory in your neo4j in a symlinked folder? I found that when the data directory is a symlink, the "Mismatching store id" error will occur when neo4j restarts.