George Luft - Data Integration Reporting and Analytics (Connecticut)

Hello, I'm George. I manage a small team of data architects, ETL/Integration developers, and report developers. I became intrigued with graphs about 5 years ago and have been hacking with neo4j on and off ever since.

I see graph use cases EVERYWHERE. There just aren't enough hours in the day, and I usually end up chasing down some weird Cypher challenge at 1AM before I force myself to walk away from the keyboard.

I cannot say enough about the nice folks at Neo4j. I love how active and passionate they are in their work here on the Community and with APOC and graph algorithms and GRANDstack.

My use cases center around operational dependencies and access control. I'd also like to tackle knowledge management, and I have a few other fun things that I'd like to tinker with if I ever get the time--like a Shakespeare graph, or music, or history, or...

That's it for now. See you in the forums. I already have two questions that i need to frame up and toss out there...


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Hi George,

Thanks so much for joining us in this community. It's folks like yourself that make us so passionate about our work!

Do you focus on any specific use cases or industries?


Thanks, Ryan. I work in the Insurance industry, but my primary use case is more general.

I'm just trying to do some operational reporting on job dependencies and data access management.

Basically, I want to show who has access to what reports, and try to streamline our groups and ACLs that implement those permissions.

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Fantastic - that's a great use case! (and i'm sure you're in good company)