Generating Test Workloads on Neo4j with graph-workload

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Could you tell me What are the prerequisites for running this on windows machine

nodejs, and npm installed. That's it.

thank you david .I have two more questions
1.Is it possible to see logs
2.Is it possible to execute multiple queries in one go

Yes and yes.

1 - The tool itself generates logs which you can just pipe to a file. If you want to see the queries / server side log, use this:

2 - Yes -- see the --concurrency argument to the program, that's exactly what it does

Hello David,

Can I use this utility with Neo4j3.5.14? It seems like it doesn't work with it as I am able to make it work with 4.1.0 version.

Any configuration change I need to make?

It should work with Neo4j 3.5. If you have an issue, post the actual error you encounter and what you're doing and maybe someone can help

False alert.. I've overlooked my network parameters. It is working.

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