Generate timestamp from date

I couldn't see any argument in timestamp function. But can we create timestamp from date supplied?

I could also generate timestamp from other language like python or javascript. But it differs to the timestamp as in cypher query language. So, what's the best way to generate timestamp value from given date?

What data do you have to work with? Is it strings/ints or is it already a date and you're trying to go to datatime? An example with what you have would be helpful.

RETURN datetime('2015-06-24T12:50:35.556+0100') AS theDateTime

Otherwise I'd just refer you to the manual on temporal date types

Ah, I don't want to get datetime. But, I want to store date as timestamp in neo4j.

I would be happy if there was something like:

timestamp('2017-2-9') // but there's no arg in timestamp function

And you don't want to use?

RETURN date('2015-01-14') AS theDate

datetime is a timestamp, just by a different name. Here's the chart from the documentation showing what each data type supports

All you need to do is decide which one you need. If you only have the components of a date but are determined to have the time components included, you can do string concatenation to fill in zeros for the missing time values.

For getting the timestamp from datetime:

RETURN"2019-01-25 14:49:58", 'ms', 'yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss'), 'ms', 'HH:mm:ss')

Result: "14:49:58"

If you have just date then timestamp: "00:00:00".

Another simpler approach:
RETURN right("2019-01-25 14:49:58", 8);

Result: "14:49:58"