Generate a new relationship between an existing relationship and new node

Hi Colleges,

My question is about how to create a new relationship between a property of existing relationship and a new node. Here I show the example:

In this relationship "ASSOCIATION_with" we have a property named pimd, which is an string of numbers ex pmid:28930915

Now I have a new node with this pmid:28930915 and I want to create a new relationship to link the existing relationship (ASSOCIATION_with) with this new node by pmid property... I find more information how to link different nodes, but I dont find how to link an existing relationship with a new node...

Thanks a lot for your time


with my understanding of your question:
you want to add a new node to the same relationship that you created for two nodes.
but in neo4j it is not possible because a relationship can be only linked to one or two nodes not more than that.
so if (a)-[:r]-(b) you need to create relationship to add another node (c)-[:r]-(b)