:gds.graph.create.cypher" procedure Not available in Neo4J 4.4, what is the equivalent?

Hi I am following a great into to NEO4J from:

What is the equivalent to "create.cypher", is it project.cypher? does that have the same behavior?

`We will use the Cypher Projection to project a virtual network that is a transformed version of the underlying stored graph.

CALL gds.graph.create.cypher("nft",
"MATCH (t:Trader) WHERE NOT t.username = 'NullAddress' RETURN id(t) as id",
"MATCH (t1:Trader)-[:BOUGHT]->(t)<-[:SOLD]-(t2:Trader)
RETURN id(t1) AS source, id(t2) as target, coalesce(sum(t.Price_USD),1) as weight")`

I'm guessing you're on GDS 2.0 - we've modified the syntax so its gds.graph.project instead of create. The behavior is the same :slightly_smiling_face:

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