G of Creatif3


I am the pres/ceo of Creatif3 LLC, currently a solo IT consulting and graphic/web design and development firm. I just downloaded Neo4j today and am starting the tutorials, so an utter newb to graph databases. I am an experienced SQL programmer, however, along with other languages such as java, javascript, php, and a handful of others.

I'm originally from Texas but have lived in California and now Ohio. I'm looking forward to learning more!


Hello and welcome :slight_smile:
Do you have a project in mind already for Neo4j?

A client will be converting from a standard RDBMS-based application to a Neo4j-based application in the near future. For now, I am preparing myself to help with the conversion and future reporting needs by going through the GraphAcademy courses. I have a couple other clients who already use the Neo4j-based application, alongside a standard RDBMS-based application, and they have issues with reporting and the feeds going from the Neo4j system to the RDBMS system. So I am hoping to be able to help resolve the issues they experience. And, of course, I am preparing myself to help other potential clients.

Thank you for asking!