Fulltext Index missing numeric properties and arrays

Hi everyone,

I have created a fulltext index like so:

CALL db.index.fulltext.createNodeIndex("ads",["Ad"],["age", "gender", "interests"])

and I can successfully search for "MALE" for example (value in "gender" which is a String)

"age" is a numeric property and for example a range search like "age:[20 TO 30]" does not yield a result

"interests" is a string array property like ["travel", "fashion", "electronics"] and none of these searches yield a result:
and so on....

Are numeric and array properties simply not indexed in the fulltext (Lucene) index or am I missing a config setting to enable this? THX!

Fulltext indexes in 3.5 do not operate on numeric properties nor on arrays. They are solely for string properties.

For age I'd use a string with leading zeros. For interests just concatenate its values.

Hi Stefan, thx for your answer!
Will have to work around....