Fulltext index for specific nodes

Hello Neos,

Is there any possibility to create a fulltext index for nodes with a specific label, but only for those which have a certain property and/or relationship?


Is there really no one out with an answer?

We have an issue with nodes labeled (:A) which have language-specific sub-nodes (:B) which are related to a certain (:Language).

We would like to establish language-specific full-text indices, so if (:B) is related to language X apply the analyzer for this language and if (:B) is related to language Y apply the analyzer for language Y.

This means that we have to select the nodes (:B) by their relationship to (:Language)-nodes to apply the correct analyzer.

Currently we have fixed that by labelling the respective nodes twice: (:B) for the nodes and a second label (:B_X) or (:B_Y) which is language specific. Then we create the language-specific index.

But this solution is just second-best. The best solution would be if it was possible to create a language-specific index, but how?