Full Text Search Time out Issue

Dear all,

I am currently developing web service utilizing Neo4j as RDF Store and tomcat as WAS Server. In order to use full text search procedure provided by Neo4j, I create full text search index against rdfs:label of all Resource nodes. while i was doing full text search, some queries consumes long time to receive response message from neo4j, even i do it on neo4j browser, if this issue comes up, my tomcat process encontered HIGH CPU ( may be 300 - 400 %) usage problem and i cannot shutdown the tomcat server by using shutdown.sh script. i have to kill it by using kill -9 command . but the neo4j server did not have this kind of CPU Usage problem .
my question is :

  1. IS Neo4j kill its transaction internally when full text search takes long time to get result?
  2. Can i fix this problem by setting some kind of timeout argument in procedure query ? like Apoc Procedure ?

thinks in advance .

Hi @thsohn17
Could you share a bit more context on the issue you're finding?
Which versions of Neo4j,N10s, etc.. your using
And ideally some code snippets would help too.