Full Text search result scores are different with 3.5.14 Community and 4.2.6 Community

I get significantly different scores for Full Text search results on 3.5.14 Community server vs 4.2.6 Community server. The data in both cases is the same - dumped from one database, and loaded into the other, the indexes are the same, and the queries are the same. I would therefore expect to get the same results and scores. Has something changed in the Full Text result scoring function between these versions?

Sample query:

CALL db.index.fulltext.queryNodes('stories', 'body:enterprises AND date:[20200520 TO 20210520]') YIELD node, score
RETURN node.title, score ORDER BY score DESC LIMIT 10

3.5.14 and 4.2.6 have different Lucence core, which provides the full text index capability. So, it is possible that scores could be different.

Thanks for confirming - I thought that might be the case.