Full Text Search for "End" returns "Vendetta" in Bloom but not in Browser

I took the standard Neo4J Movie Database and created a full index:

CALL db.index.fulltext.createNodeIndex("NamesTags",["Movie", "Person"],["title", "tagline", "name"])

When I go to the Browser and do this search:
CALL db.index.fulltext.queryNodes("NamesTags", "end") YIELD node, score RETURN node.title, score

Which returns "What Dreams May Come" and "The Matrix Revolutions" because "end" is in the tagline for these movies.

BUT.... when I do a full text search in Bloom, I get the additional Movie "V for Vendetta" which does NOT seem to have "end" in the the title or tagline. ("end" is a substring of the title "Vendetta").

Is this right? I would have thought full text search should work the same for the Browser and Bloom.

(Added) I believe there's a bug. I updated to version 4.2 of Neo4J and version 1.4.1 Bloom. Now I no longer get the movie Vendetta in the return results, but I now get "A Few Good Men" which does NOT appear to have the word or substring "end" anywhere in its data.

Hi Clem!

Bloom fulltext search uses this query: CALL db.index.fulltext.queryNodes('${indexName}', '${text}~') The key is the ~ in the end of the search term that makes the search fuzzy. Bloom then sorts the results according to the score and only returns the top 10:th percentile. So as far as I can tell I think it's working as expected.

About the behaviour change with Neo4j 4.2, it would be interesting to see if that query run in Browser also gives " A Few Good Men " as one of the results.